Prodige Software Corporation Downloads

Purchase the full version of the Designer here.

The Designer requires Visual Studio. Express versions are not supported.

The limited Lite Designer is for evaluation and testing only. Inside each zip file you will find an installation keycode. To learn more about without installing anything, download the stand-alone documentation:

Lite Designer for Visual Studio 2022
Lite Designer for Visual Studio 2019
Lite Designer for Visual Studio 2017
Stand-alone documentation

To view the stand-alone documentation, after decompressing, right click on the .chm file, select security, and select "unblock".

Some Visual Basic projects are included in the downloads. If you need a specific project converted from C# to Visual Basic, please let us know.

Lite Version Limitations

These limitations do not exist in the full Designer version:

  • Only nine Elements may be added to a Picture.
  • Pictures cannot be printed.
  • Path points cannot be edited.
  • Path Shapes cannot be created: both the Convert to Path and Join Shapes commands are disabled.
  • Blend factors cannot be edited in LinearGradientFills: blend factors define the proportion of colors at various points along the gradient line.
  • Multiple color gradients cannot be created or edited in LinearGradientFills.
  • Source code for many samples is not provided.
  • The Picture.RenderTo(Graphics) function is disabled.
  • The TranslucentForm class is not available.
  • Objects cannot be serialized to binary files (deserialization is possible).
  • The Picture.ThemeReferences collection cannot be edited in the designer.
  • Lite version keycodes expire after a period of time.
  • The run-time displays a watermark.

The run-time component in the full version of, Prodige.Drawing.dll, may be redistributed by companies who have licensed the full version of No files in the Lite version may be redistributed.