We are pleased to introduce some of our customers:

ixact GmbH HERMOS AG

Care Records

"We could never have developed our product so quickly if we hadn't used VG.Net — it puts Microsoft's GDI+ to shame. It is flexible, looks great and performs like lightning, and the support you get is fast and to the point."

Dr. Adam Blair, Director, Care Records

State Method's

"Great Tool!! Fast and extraordinary support. Thanks a lot to Frank Hileman from Prodige Software."

Marc Thom, [state] method GmbH

"At we build interactive graphical charting components for Hedge Fund trading applications. These components are built with VG.Net graphics and are used to monitor real-time data feeds from the stock market exchanges. I have found that VG.Net's software, in combination with Visual Studio 2003, to be the fastest and most productive graphical subsystem I have ever used on the Microsoft platform."

Charles Brauer, Equivolume

"We are System Integrator and technical supporter of Siemens HMI products. We also develop Ad-hoc OPC data collector and every kind of software that our customers want/need. We are very happy with your product. Actually we are using it to develop the user interface of a production data viewer."

Marcos Mataloni, A.M.G Control Systems

TetraData Corporation: data warehousing and analysis solutions for educational institutions.