A Resizable Vector Graphics Calculator with Per-Pixel Translucency: Describes the construction of a simple calculator with a user interface completely defined using vector graphics. The application has no window border, and the edges are anti-aliased with per-pixel translucency. Shows how to create gel buttons and separate the user interface from application logic.

Vector Graphics Calculator

Real-Time Data Visualization Using Vector Graphics: Describes a simple real-time data simulation. A server application generates data that are sent via TCP/IP to a client application for visualization. The client uses two graphical components, an LED and a horizontal gauge.

Real-Time Data Visualization Using Vector Graphics Vector Graphics in Internet Explorer: Some 3D effect dials and buttons animated in IE. Vector Graphics in a Browser

Building a Gel Ellipse and TwoColorBell Explained: Explains how to build a glowing gel ellipse and the importance of bell curve gradients in 3D effects.

Gel Ellipse

Translucent Gel Buttons in Describes how to create gel buttons using only linear gradients. More interesting gel buttons can be created using path gradients, as described in the calculator article.

Translucent Gel Buttons

How to Build Vector Graphics Raindrops: If you need liquid, glossy objects, this article may help.

Vector Graphics Raindrops compared to Flash and SVG: The advantages of a .NET oriented solution.