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1. Getting Started

Please see the Users Guide section titled "Getting Started". You will find a shortcut to the Users Guide on the Start Menu, under the folder

Missing Toolbar buttons? Sometimes the toolbar buttons and context menu items for Visual Studio fail to install correctly. If you notice missing items, please open the Add/Remove Programs window in the Control Panel, find, click on the link called "Click here for support information", and click on the Repair button.

2. License Agreement

The end user license agreement can be found in the file EULA.rtf, found in the main installation folder. Please note that the file Prodige.Drawing.dll can be redistributed, but no other files can be redistributed.

3. Support

If you have purchased a Picture Designer license, you will receive support contact information in your email receipt. If you are using a Lite or evaluation version of the Picture Designer, there is no official support, but please send bug reports or comments to support at, or post a message on the discussion forums at

4. Version Numbers and Source Code Compatibility

Versions 3.x and earlier of are for use with Visual Studio 2003. Versions 4.x and greater support Visual Studio 2005. We will keep the APIs source code compatible between 3.x and 4.x releases, and enhancements made in version 4.x future releases will also be made identically (as much as possible) in version 3.x future releases. If you purchase a designer license, you will receive both 3.x and 4.x setup files, and your source code should work for both versions.

5. Visual Studio 2005 Notes

Updgrading and Incompatibility of .resx Files

When using Visual Studio 2003, .resx files produced for Forms and UserControls containing Pictures have data Visual Studio 2005 cannot process. To work around this problem, delete .resx files for Forms and UserControls containing Pictures. If the .resx files contain important information, such as bitmaps, repair them: delete elements in the xml containing a Location property for a Picture. These elements are type System.Drawing.Point, for example:

<data name="autoSizeTest.Location" type="System.Drawing.Point, System.Drawing, Version=1.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"><value>17, 17</value>

New Features in Visual Studio 2005

Partial classes: In Visual Studio 2005, you have the option of placing the designer-generated code and the hand-written code for a Picture into two separate files, using a feature called partial classes. To see an example, add a Form to a project and examine the two files produced. The templates included for Visual Studio 2005 do not use this feature. We did this to make the generated files backward compatible, and because it is more convenient to copy or move a Picture by copying or moving one file.

If you wish to use partial classes, we can provide templates for this purpose.

Modifiers property: Use this new property, under “Design,” to make the corresponding generated field for each Element private, public, protected, shared/friend, etc.

GenerateMember property: Use this new property, under “Design,” to specify whether a member or field is generated for each Element. By generating members only for animated Elements, you can reduce the memory consumed by your Picture: select each non-animated Element and set GenerateMember to false.

C++ Picture Designer: We believe the Picture Designer now works for C++ classes, but we did not test this, and we have not created C++ templates. If you wish to experiment, create a template based on the Component template.

Problems in Visual Studio 2005

Sub Picture Fields Disappear: Avoid editing a sub (child) Picture using the Picture Designer while a parent Picture using that sub Picture is also open in a designer. It is possible to lose the generated fields for your sub Picture, destroying the parent Picture.

Steps to reproduce in C#:

  1. Create a windows application.
  2. Add two Pictures to your application, Picture1 and Picture2.
  3. Add several Shapes to Picture1.
  4. Build the project.
  5. Using the Toolbox item in the Drawing tab for Picture1, add two instances of Picture1 to Picture2.
  6. Right click on the Picture2 surface to view the code. Notice there are two fields generated, picture11 and picture12, one for each instance.
  7. Leaving both designers open, delete one Shape from Picture2.
  8. Build the project.
  9. Using the Toolbox item in the Drawing tab, add another instance of Picture1 to Picture2.
  10. Right click on the Picture2 surface to view the code. The fields for your sub Pictures disappeared and Picture2 will no longer compile.

The problem is in the Visual Studio code generator. Microsoft support offers the following workaround: change the AssemblyVersion attribure to contain a wildcard (1.0.*), and move the generated fields to the bottom of the file, after at least one is generated. Hopefully Microsoft will release a fix for this bug. See the following feedback: Disappearing fields when child component is modified.

Slow project open or close: If you find your projects are opening or closing slowly, try resetting the toolbox. The Toolbox in Visual Studio 2005 has breaking changes and may produce bad toolbox items when using We are working with Microsoft support to figure out this problem. See the following feedback: Need to prevent BrokenToolboxItem objects.

6. Changes

Versions 3.0 and 4.0

Designer Enhancements

Run-time Only Enhancements

Bug Fixes and Obsolete Members

Version 2.7a

Designer Enhancements


Run-time Only Enhancements

Bug Fixes and Obsolete Members

Version 2.6b

Run-time Only Enhancements

Bug Fixes and Obsolete Members

Version 2.6a

Designer Enhancements

Run-time Only Enhancements

Bug Fixes and Obsolete Members

Version 2.5

This version contained only internal changes.

Version 2.4b

Designer Enhancements

Run-time Only Enhancements

Bug Fixes and Obsolete Members

Version 2.4a

Designer Enhancements

Run-time Only Enhancements

Bug Fixes and Obsolete Members

Version 2.3

Version 2.2

Version 2.1b

Version 2.1

7. Future Features

To request an enhancment, please post to the Enhancements forum at:

Some possible future features: